Sunday, January 3, 2010


The winter can be pretty gruesome, even more so if you don't have shelter or warm clothing. Keep 1Warm is a project that seeks to both bring awareness to the needs of the less fortunate, and to help them at the same time. Using simple knitting techniques, we'll create blankets to hand out to those who need them.

What We'll Need:
- You may donate used bundles of yarn or purchase them and send them to us!
Helping Hands - If you can knit, or if you're willing to learn, please contact us.
Donations- Any amount (from $1 on up) will be accepted.
See donation button to the right -->

[we will also accept any new or old blankets ]

Our Goal is to have at least 50 blankets completed by the first of December, 2010. That's approximately 4 blankets a month. Each blanket takes about 15-30 bundles of yarn (at least 100 yards) depending on how thick the yarn is.
We'll take all of the help that we can get. Please!! If you're able to offer any assistance, we'd really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for being apart of this project !!